Am I required to quarantine?

Yes. When you arrive in Italy, landlords require that you spend a period in quarantine in an isolated place. You cannot stay in a shared apartment during quarantine. You must self-isolate. We have selected several reliable operators who can offer you a “quarantine package” in a pleasant safe place, at an affordable price. Please check our options!

What does “all-inclusive” rent mean?

When a landlord charges an “All-inclusive Formula”, it means that the rent includes the cost of the monthly rent, utilities (electricity, gas, water, heating and, where applicable, air conditioning), building maintenance charges, waste charges, and high-speed WI-FI internet connection.

How long should the contract duration be?

We advise you not to enter into contracts that are too long (such as 4+4 years, 3+2 years). It is advisable to enter a contract with one-year duration maximum and with the possibility to terminate it easily, with no penalty or too long notice period.

Should I beware of the termination notice?

It is very important that your contract allows for early termination. We strongly recommend that the notice should not exceed a 3-month period. Many operators allow you to terminate the contract with only one-month notice, and these are preferable. In a flexible and fast-changing world, it is important that you are free to change your strategy …. of life!

The landlord asks me to pay a security deposit. Is that ok?

Yes, the security deposit is important for the owner to guarantee against any damage to the property and any non-payment. However, it is advisable not to pay more than 2 months of security deposit.

Does the contract have to be registered?

Of course, all leases with a duration of more than 30 days must be registered. Make sure the landlord gives you the contract registration receipt (it will take about 15 days to get it). We remind you that the registration of the contract is essential to obtain a residence permit or visa.

Is it secure to pay the reservation on-line before checking the room?

You are usually required to make a prepayment to book a room, but don’t worry: we have selected trustworthy landlords for you. If you need assistance in the transaction, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How can I get in touch with you?

The fastest way contact us is via Whatsapp message is a Whatsapp message at no. +39 328 719 6262! You will be contacted in a few minutes. Or if you prefer, let’s get to know each other personally through our video chat system! Of course you are welcome for a coffee if you want to visit us personally, our office is in Padua, in via Roma 28.