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Check our room database. You can find both double and single rooms, with private or shared bathroom, in “classic” apartments or in “co-living” solutions, and filter your search by price range

Support to international students before enrolment (degree seekers) in finding the best housing solution

We will give you all the support all the support you need to find the housing solution that best suits your needs. In our database you will find the best rooms, selected from the most reliable hosts, with clear photographs of the house, location, features, type of contract and price! We will then help you to maintain relations with the owner and we will check with you that the contract is ok! And if you need to see the room personally, we will go with you or arrange a visit for you!

Contractual and bureaucratic assistance

  • We will verify that the contract you sign is correct in form and not tricky!
  • We will provide you with the English translation of the contract and explain the main content
  • We will take care of contract registration, through the direct electronic connection with the Revenue Agency.
  • We will support you, if necessary, in carrying out utilities-related paperwork
  • We will help you to obtain the accommodation declaration to support your visa application

Welcome Desk in Via Roma 28, Padua

We are located in the historic centre of the city (Via Roma 28), easily accessible (even to people with disabilities) from every part of the city and by all public transport! Thanks to our “soft landing” service, our staff will take you to the chosen accommodation and will be available for a first tour of the major areas of interest in the city (University facilities, main pharmacies, hospital, public transport, must-visit places, supermarkets).

24/7 assistance service

We provide our technical expertise to assist you:

– in minimal maintenance service

– via Whatsapp chat

– through emergency numbers

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